Welcome to the Human Design Experience – Level 1.

Here you’ll find the webinar recordings and resources listed by clicking on each week. Each session has additional resources, which will include meditations or videos to enhance your experience. There is quite a lot of information, so take your time going through the material. Feel free to email me your questions, I look forward to supporting you on your journey! Enjoy your sessions!

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Week 6

After your final session, please:

* Complete the survey for this program. Your comments are deeply appreciated! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B6P5SWD  

* Take yourself on a date: schedule a day in which you focus exclusively on following your Strategy and Authority to deepen your experience of your Human Design. Observe yourself and see if you can recognize some of your aspects coming out as you navigate your world. 

And finally, I’d love to invite you to continue this journey together and discover a wealth of additional Human Design information. We delve deeply into the gates and channels, which will bring you to a whole deeper level of understanding than what you have already crafted for yourself! 

You can learn more and register here

Looking forward to connecting with you again soon!

With love,