Your Human Design Chart in 30 Days



The Your Human Design Chart Program is a unique group coaching program for coaches, practitioners, healers, seekers of spiritual growth and anyone interested in self knowledge. Learn to read your Human Design chart with ease in 30 days without overwhelm, frustration, or years of study, so you can know yourself better!

"I'm having so much fun with the courses! I already blazed through the 30 Days course which gave me a much deeper grasp on my chart!" -Jana B

This 30 Day program consists of :

  • Immediate access to full content to delve in and get to know your chart in-depth at your own pace!
  • 4 Weekly "Alignment Hours" with direct access to me to ask your Human Design questions
  • One Private 30 min session with me to delve deeply into your chart or have coaching around anything you want
  • A coach holding you accountable, option to continue after the program ends
  • Special invitations to occasional live instruction events
  • Access to the videos for every step of the way

This program is a prerequisite for Human Design for the Soulpreneur.

Price $500

Pay Later option makes this as low as $42 per month!

9 Modules:

  1. Discover Origins of Human Design
  2. Your Focus in this Lifetime
  3. Your Potential for Strength vs Wisdom
  4. Your Energy & the World
  5. Your Type & Aura
  6. The Quantum Specifics of You
  7. Your Purpose
  8. Express Your Life Perspective
  9. Activate Your Magic

Descriptions of each Module:

  • Discover the Origins of Human Design
    • Get inspired by the Human Design system without getting lost in the extensive terminology
  • Your Focus in this Lifetime
    • Learn to look for the areas of focus in your chart without confusion about colors and activations
  • Your Potential for Strength vs Wisdom
    • Recognize your strengths and potentials for growth, minus the overwhelm of definitions
  • Your Energy & the world
    • Discover how you are wired to engage with your world, without getting lost in the numbers
  • Your Type & Aura
    • Know how you engage energetically with your world, without worry of being put in a box
  • The Quantum Specifics of You
    • Discover the quantum expressions of your channels, without having to know all the material
  • Your Purpose
    • Put the story of your Purpose together, without getting lost in the many symbols
  • Express Your Life Perspective
    • Recognize how you are authentically moving forward in life, without having to know each Hexagram
  • Activate Your Magic
    • Experience your Design's intuition, without getting sidetracked by doubts


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