The feeling that what you have been living no longer works. Something is calling you; you may not know what. Yet.

What I know for sure is that having a sense of trust in yourself makes all the difference in how your life unfolds next.

Marije Miller Connecting new Dots

Have you ever gone through a major life change?

(Since you are here, I am guessing you know what I mean.) The mental worrying and second guessing can make you feel like you are losing your marbles. The uncertainty of ‘what might happen’ can make your thoughts spiral out of control. Not only that, being in that place is plain exhausting!

My perspective is that life is to be lived. It is an adventure, and with adventure comes inherent risk. Yet, many of those risks are simply in our mind. They are not the voice of our heart. That voice is calm, caring, compassionate. It is emotionally clear.

This is what I want for you. To connect with that part of you that knows, so you can bring your dream into being. Whether that is a healing practice, a new business or something else that is specifically true to your heart’s direction.

I offer various tools to help you.

The process I take you through starts with you. Your Human Design will give you a solid foundation from which we will start our work. Through a combination of conversation and powerful questioning you get crystal clear on your goal: that dream that brings the spark back into your life. Practical techniques help you build your resilience, connect you with your heart’s wisdom, move through challenges and implement strategies to bring success to your dream.

I’d love to invite you for a free 30-min Discovery Session to determine if this process is right for you.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

You deserve to be happy! Period. Your happiness is a necessity. Get Started.