Marije Miller, PCC

CCE Board Certified Coach
and Human Design Teacher

Hi, I’m Marije! For over 20 years my focus has been about helping others have the career and life they love.

My Story

Over the course of my life I have had many experiences: in my early 20’s I immigrated from The Netherlands to the US. My life took me from marriage to divorce and remarriage, to being employed, self-employed and both, to traveling the world and finally settling down and creating roots for my daughters in a beautiful area about a mile from the Pacific ocean!

Here I was lucky enough to be hired by HeartMath®, a company that helps people reduce stress and manage emotions. As former Director of the coach/mentor program I taught hundreds of coaches and supported them in building their coaching business. In addition to teaching resilience building principles to the general public, I also delivered training to staff from companies such as Best Buy, Yum! Brands, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw law office, and others. 

Eventually I heard my heart’s call to expand my coaching and training to full-time. I love connecting with my clients and introducing the powerful work of Human Design. 

Then the Pandemic hit, which has been an exceptionally challenging time for so many. During the height of the Lockdown I was blessed to support well over 100 clients affected by the ‘Great Resignation’ to find and land their next, often more fulfilling, career.

It was a creative time for me. I embarked on an exciting project that had been percolating in my mind for quite a while: the Gates to Soul Wisdom – Oracle Cards. After a successfully funded Kickstarter project many of these decks have found new homes all over the world to help people tap into their own intuition!

My Values & Beliefs

My BIG audacious goal is nothing short of World Peace!

In order to achieve that, many changes need to take effect in this beautiful world we all share. And it all starts with bringing more calm, kindness and compassion into the world.

My focus is on women

So many women find themselves currently in a place that doesn’t inspire them, but who have a mission to serve the world, their community and themselves.

I have been there; I have had a marriage where I found myself living a life that was not me. I have also been in jobs that at some point no longer aligned, and had to make the shift from feeling stuck to finding and claiming my own Divine Spark and save my spirit. (Or perhaps my Spirit saved me!)

My mission is to transform lives

By increasing compassion in the world, love people more and help instill empowered trust.

I want to work with you to help you recognize your uniqueness, connect with your purpose and build your resilience, so you align with your knowing. You get to trust and relax into yourself. And express your heart’s direction in a way that is aligned to your core.

I hope you join me!

My Approach

I offer various tools to help you.

The process I take you through starts with you. Your Human Design will give you a solid foundation from which we will start our work. Through a combination of conversation and powerful questioning you get crystal clear on your goal: that dream that brings the spark back into your life. Practical techniques help you build your resilience, connect you with your heart’s wisdom, move through challenges and implement strategies to bring success to your dream.  

I’d love to invite you for a free 30-min Discovery Session to determine if this process is right for you.

Marije Miller and her lovely black cat

Gypsy Interview

Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle

“It is an interesting deck as it is inspired by Human Design, which is a fusion of a few different esoteric areas as well as science, such as Astrology, I Ching, the Chakra System, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. If you’re like me, and have never heard of Human Design, read the full interview here

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