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This beautifully crafted 80-card Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle helps bring your subconscious wisdom to the surface and build your trust into your own intuition.

It is an innovative approach to tap into the dynamics of the soul – allowing you to gain new clarity in the root of situations or challenges on your path and providing practical steps towards a solution.  Watch unboxing video here

“…the cards offer more than I ever could have imaged, unlike any other deck of cards of this nature on the market. I feel so very blessed to have this information in my life, especially right now.” – Joyce


“Cards are a success!!! ” – David

Soul Wisdom Oracle card deck by Marije Miller

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 The card deck consists of 80 cards:

  •  9 Foundation cards, based on an extension of the Chakras that show insight about what the issue is rooted in.
  •  64 Insight cards, based on the Hexagrams of the I Ching to give you more insight into the issue or situation, as well as a suggested intention or affirmation you can hold as you move through your day. You will also find the astrological zodiac symbols on the cards, which correspond to each Hexagram. 
  •  7 Resolve Cards, connected to the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether and the energies of Diamond and the Moon. Drawing one of the Resolve cards offers you a specific way to approach the situation and point the way towards a solution.
  • The back of the card has a gender-neutral logo, which has UV Spot for added texture.

Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards deck by Marije Miller gender-nuetral backThe cards are printed on heavy 400gsm grade A art paper, which makes them really sturdy. They are finished with a silk matte lamination, so that they are super yummy to hold and work with!

The wisdom of your Soul is accessible to you. It’s time to tap into it…

I believe that you have the answer. Deep inside you resides an infinite well of love, courage and strength, waiting for you to connect with.

We are now at a turning point where many spiritual perspectives come together. Each of us is called to live our Highest Truth and bring our individual gifts and strengths to the table so we can move into harmony with the planet. 

In August of 2019 I woke up with a sudden knowing and for several days I had a download, a vision really, to create a set of Oracle Cards to tap into your Soul’s wisdom.

My goal in creating these Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards is to support you in gaining easy access to your intuition, to help guide you along your life’s journey, using the wisdom of the I Ching, Chakra System and Elemental Wisdom, inspired by Human Design.

(Familiarity with Human Design or the I Ching is not necessary to enjoy this project. That said….)

…another successful reading with your Soul Wisdom deck! This one was rather spectacular. Really on point.
Henry Seltzer Astrograph - Time Passages software

Human Design changed my life. I find its information incredibly accurate, showing you who you are meant to be, with your specific innate strengths and skills, based on your birth information. I studied the knowledge for over 15 years with different teachers, eventually becoming a teacher myself. Over the years it helped me with finding the right jobs and even the right relationship!

We wanted to wait for the weekend to have a good try out with your card set….And then to say….SO well done!
What a beautiful and also very practical way you’ve found to help us all find attunement and alignment in our lives!
Great work... Chetan Parkyn, Human Design for us All

The system is really intriguing. When people see their chart, they often feel drawn in and are curious to learn more. But one thing I’ve noticed is that ‘learning more’ can be complicated and that in order to understand your chart, you have to study extensively to get some understanding.

My goal is and has been to try to make Human Design as approachable and practical as possible, so that you get to live in alignment with your purpose more quickly and easily. 

“I got my cards right before the full moon and I love them so much! It was the perfect timing. … Today I just did a more extensive reading for clarification in my career and it was really amazing! I modified the F I R style layout and I got some powerful advice as well as more clarity about where I’m at in the process. Thank you so much for doing this project! It’s already been really helpful for me and the cards and everything along with the cards is gorgeous and feels really nice to touch.” – Starlight 

"Sending a HUGE thank you and congrats on the fantastic job you did on the Soul Wisdom Oracle Deck! Mine arrived a few days ago and I have absolutely adored using them!

Everything from the colors to the images to the descriptions and sample layouts, it is all incredible and I am grateful for your channeled creation and my luckiness to receive them." Rachael

An Oracle engages with your intuition. This card deck can be used to provide insight and clarity in your life. Recognize qualities you have access to and which strengths you can utilize at certain times, so you can move forward confidently along your path.

Additionally, if you are a healer or witch, these Oracle Cards are great to use with your clients. 

Watch an unboxing of the oracle deck here.

Together with an amazing artist, Timothy Eyes, I set out to create this beautiful deck. The art is based on the ancient wisdom systems of the I Ching, Astrology and Chakra Systems, and has been infused with calming, opening energy. The loving, revealing descriptions and affirmations guide you in your day-to-day life, or in answering deeper questions.

How to use this Deck

The Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards are different: learn to use your intuition in one of seven specific ways to find your answer. A book is included with several layouts to guide you and has explanations of each card.

Simply shuffle all the cards together and pull one for your focus of the day, or use one of the five different layouts (see below for an example) to get deeper insight in situations or relationships.

In addition to pulling a daily card (always a favorite), there is a distinct layout for problem solving!

My hope is that the wisdom of these cards helps you reflect on your path, with specific qualities that you can draw on as you move through your life, and how to go about it. This oracle was designed to provide you with the practical and spiritual guidance, to bring a gentle way of being and an experience of more flow in your life’s journey.

Working with these combined wisdoms has opened so many new opportunities for me, and I hope they will for you as well.

I’m so excited to share this awesome wooden box, available separately to keep your cards safe! (Like the card backs, the logo on the box will be gender neutral.)

 Who these Cards are for 

  • Tarot and Oracle Card enthusiasts
  • Human Design enthusiasts
  • Novices as well as advanced practitioners
  • Spiritually minded people
  • Healers
  • Mystics
  • Anyone who likes having a more direct connection to their Soul!

Who oracle cards are forExample Reading

In March of 2020, as the world was starting to respond more drastically to the coronavirus, and we were receiving orders for physical distancing, etc. I did this reading. The accuracy of the messages was striking. 

Big Game – Layout

This is a layout I use to get The Universe’s perspective on what is really going on:

1: What is the big perspective? What is the bigger game I am playing here?

Card: 12 Standstill   Do not worry, my Dear One. It may seem that your world has come to a halt. You may feel stuck, as if the whole world is moving, except you. However, this is how it is supposed to be. The Universe is supporting you with the time necessary for you to go inward. Light a candle, grab your journal… You are entering a similar process like the caterpillar when it has to go through its transformation. From the outside it may seem that nothing is happening… But wait and see. Soon, you will emerge from your cocoon like the beautiful butterfly, with an enormous jump in your personal evolution.

Affirmation: This too shall pass. I honor the rhythm of All that Is. I am open to my transformation to occur, effortlessly and joyfully, and in its own timing.

2: Where does this resistance come from?

Card: 36 Crisis Resolution   Like the Fool card in the Tarot, you are standing on the edge, about to leap into the void. It may feel like a crisis: that feeling you get when you are about to jump off a cliff without a safety net to catch you… But if you find yourself here, it all but assures that you can manage whatever has come on your path. We are only presented with those opportunities for growth that we can handle, however challenging they may seem. It has been said that Fear is just Excitement without the Breath… You are lifting up humanity with what you are going through. Sharing about your learning will be of support to others.

Affirmation: Everything that happens in my life, happens to serve me. Never against me.

3: What is the attitude I could hold or action I could be taking?

Card: 51 Shock  Something came as a shock to you, or perhaps you created a shock for others. Either way, this is an opportunity to reevaluate what is happening. You are given a chance to realign yourself with your Purpose and what you are here to do. Know that you have the courage to do it. Often the times in which great changes happen are the ones that suddenly make you aware of the beauty of life and what you truly value. This may also be a time of more mystical awareness. Know that even if you feel lost, the powers of the Universe are supporting you and helping you walk your path. You are so loved!

Affirmation: I am present to the spiritual and material realms guiding me on my purposeful path.

4: When I do that, what will the growth or the outcome be of this situation?

Card: 4 Mental Solutions   Something has been on your mind, lately. This card shows that a clear, logical answer is available for you. You will find that you suddenly understand what can be done to solve the issue at hand. Just remember that no matter how sure you are, a solution can only be a true solution once it has been put to the test. Only then you find out if it actually works or not! There is something as ‘right timing’ in sharing your perfect solution with others: you’ll find that a little compassion can go a long way. The resolve cards will help you recognize if this is that ‘right timing’ to share your answer, as each ‘timing’ may have its own possible solution.

Affirmation: Today, I have clarity and move with compassion through my life. 

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13 reviews for Gates to Soul Wisdom™ Oracle Cards

  1. Joyce

    The cards offer more than I ever could have imaged, unlike any other deck of cards of this nature on the market. I feel so very blessed to have this information in my life, especially right now.

  2. Sara

    I LOVE the cards. They are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Vera

    I just received my deck here in PA last night.


    The quality is fantastic! They feel wonderful and they shuffle more easily than I was expecting with the rose petal finish (it can sometimes clump together) So that’s great!
    It’s a very involved deck, but I mean that in a good way! LOL (meaning lots of parts to delve into lol) so I’m taking my time.
    I did shuffle the Insight Cards though after going through each one, and much to my surprise, Intuition, fell out while I was shuffling.
    I’ve been doing a lot of reading on intuition lately, and learning to trust my own. So I thought that was a wonderful beginning to have that particular card show itself to me as the answer to my question “What will you help teach me?” 🙂
    Thanks again Marije!

  4. Renee

    The cards are amazing. I really like the artwork also, the colors are beautiful and the pictures different from any oracle card. It feels refreshing and new!!! They feel part of the new energy, where I feel tarot cards have the old energy hanging around them.

    I also have great success with them, for myself and also some friends so far 🎉🎉🎉 I practice with them every day 😀

  5. Starlight

    I got my cards right before the full moon and I love them so much! It was the perfect timing. I ended up pulling a couple cards when I got them on Friday and it was perfectly attuned to the full moon (I actually pulled the moon card!) and I also got some great advice about what I have to offer to others as well as being sure to take time for myself. Today I just did a more extensive reading for clarification in my career and it was really amazing! I modified the F I R style layout and I got some powerful advice as well as more clarity about where I’m at in the process.

    Thank you so much for doing this project! It’s already been really helpful for me and the cards and everything along with the cards is gorgeous and feels really nice to touch.

  6. Chiel

    This deck was exactly what I was looking for! I was trying to learn these 64 archetypes from official human design school but found it difficult to do. But the way Marije laid out the cards made whole a lot more sense to me and helped me understand this rather complex system. With the deck, I can deepen understanding on each archetype intuitively just like I teach myself tarot intuitively. I really love this deck for divination too as there are rich in meaning and the pictures are gorgeous. I love the smooth feel of the cards and they are durable too – I appreciate that so much care has gone into this deck. If you have some knowledge about human design, the oracle will be even more insightful. I’m very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it!

  7. Cheri

    This deck is perfection! Beautifully crafted!

  8. Emmanuel

    This Oracle is really beautiful! The drawings are superb and very expressive, the booklet brings a real depth and the cards are very pleasant to the eye and the touch! I recommend!

  9. Donna

    Hooray! I have received my cards! These are gorgeous! My husband loves the the sachet– says it smells beautiful <3 Thank you so much!

  10. Elizabeth

    I received my deck and love it! Cardstock and book are so soft and luxe. I’m looking forward to learning more about Human Design and the I-Ching, thank you!

  11. Premier I Ching Plus

    Been studying the I Ching for 40 years. Love this author’s version of the I Ching. Very positive and informative. Very personal though. Also the foundation and resolution cards are an added benefit if one wants to delve further.

    I could only love it more if she would put it online and charged admission. I prefer doing this very quickly rather than taking time to spread cards. My Guides are used to me and we understand each other. I like asking questions and getting answers on fly. I use the I Ching probably 30 times a day. Really helps develop The Inner Voice.
    This particular version is positive about everything and very expanding. I am truly partnering with it.
    Thank you.

  12. Denise

    I received the Oracle Deck. The art is beautiful. I tried it last week. Everything resonated with me and I am eager to use it on a weekly or as needed basis. I am so appreciative of this deck and how it can continue to support me. Especially now that I have my own Design chart. 🙂

  13. Nichole

    The cards are just wonderful.
    Very insightful and deep. I love them so much.

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