Human Design

Marije is a BG5 wizard – as came out loud and clear when working with our group. Her analysis of the various dynamics in our team of five was spot-on, revealing the leaders and the complement to them provided by those who dove-tailed in support. She certainly presents her information very well. She gave a detailed presentation to our team and everyone seemed to feel that they got a lot out of it. It was quite interesting for us to come together in this way and be shown the logical connections in terms of a Unified Group Analysis that corresponded to our general understanding of how our group functioned in its various combinations.

Henry Seltzer

CEO Astrograph

I have such high regard for the work that you do and the insight that you bring to the Human Design readings. They are really special!!!

Julieanne Conard


“Thank you so much! It was a lovely session, and fun and powerful as well. I’m looking forward to listening again and going deeper with it.

So far what I am noticing is a much deeper sense of peace. I also feel like, at bone deep levels, I got seen for who I am and permission to show up as the best me. I feel like all the ways I second guess myself got removed or minimized to such an extent that they no longer matter. You dropped in so many pieces that explained so much about how and why I show up as I do/have done. I’ve already told several people about you and recommended they set up appointments.
Kelly Kapsar

Knots Unwound

“Thank you.  I value this reading more than any other I have ever experienced.  I appreciate your talent tremendously!”

Kim Korte

Strategic Coach

“Marije is a very clear, deep and fun guide and coach. My session with her brought new insights that I will use going forward!”

Andrea J. Lee

When I first encountered Human Design/ BG5, I had my doubts – it sounded esoteric – but based on everyone raving, I gave it a try with a favorite client.  The results were incredible. 

She had been working long hours for several years – getting by, but never developing traction in her business. She had to be in constant action, never able to slow down, because she always needed to secure the next contract.  

Based on the BG5 insights, we re-engineered her approach, to use her innate abilities to bring the clients towards her, instead of her pursuing them.  The first sign we were on track is how much she relaxed and felt happier.  And within a short time, her plate was full of opportunities. 

It has remained full for 2 years, with substantially reduced effort, and lots more peace – all from re-designing her approach to match her personality.

Ellie Pope

Business Coach

“(The Couple Reading)… is better than relationship counseling, it is relationship counseling in a sense, but you get straight to it. Good stuff!”


Oh Marije, I really want to thank you for my reading. You took the extra time to make sure I got all I could out of our time together and you were very patient with helping me understand the meanings in my chart. I really see where a lot of the info we talked about explains much about my life. Invaluable information. I want to add that you are very gifted as a coach in all areas you serve in. Thanks again with a sincere Heart.


Thank you so much for your time with Thomas on Saturday. I came home after his appointment and his face was so dear… he was staring at the charts and had this look – I don’t know quite how to describe it – fascination, wonder, revelation, the deep satisfaction of having been seen and so so much gratitude – and all were all rolled up and pouring out of him in the most quiet, serene, profound way. I will remember that look for a long time


Thank you again, Marije! What a wonderful gift you give with your insight and guidance through this amazing information. Yes, definitely very useful and enlightening.


Thank you so much for introducing me to such an amazing process! That was a lot of information – like learning a new language or way of looking at things. I get that I can understand better how to be more OK with some of my attributes that sometimes get in the way.


I just wanted to Thank You again for my Human Design reading and for being on the phone with me the other day. I had the opportunity this morning to replay the (recording of the reading) and there were so many nuggets of wisdom and truth, some that make more sense to me now a year later and some that I needed to remember. I could see my growth from that first reading and where I am on my journey.

I recently went through a tough situation that required lots of HM tools and listening to the replay brought clarity to how the situation and my role in it came to be. Thanks again for your wonderful presence, and for being who you are and giving from the heart. With so much Gratitude.


Marije is such a beautiful soul. I recently had a HD session with her and was touched by her knowledge, kindness, patience and wisdom. She takes the time to explain, clarify and answer questions and gives direct guidance. If you haven’t already, please gift yourself a session with her. It is totally worth it as you will know so much more about yourself than you already do.


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