Human Design Experience Program- Level III



Human Design Experience Level III

7-week course

Level I and Level II of the Human Design Experience taught you about yourself –

But what about relationships?

In Level I you discovered your natural strengths, how you relate to others and how your energy brings opportunities into your life. And Level II took this information to new heights as you discovered your specific gifts and strengths, and those little things that make you you.

By now you most likely have experienced how just this information alone can make your life easier, better.

Are you ready to take your experience to the next level by looking at your relationships? As human beings we are not living in a vacuum. Most of us don’t live on a mountain top, even if that idea alone sometimes sounds quite desirable…!

Let’s talk about LOVE!

The thing is, we affect and are affected by other people around us all the time. This information shows you where you connect, where the sparks fly, and also those areas where you can up-level existing dynamics.

Love, Relationships and Human Design 

Over the course of weeks, you’ll delve into what makes a relationship tick through the eyes of Human Design. Why is it that sometimes you meet someone and really hit it off, while at other times you simply can’t have a full conversation without tripping over your tongue or wishing you were somewhere else? Human Design can show you…

  • What the Role is that each of us ‘plays’: our specific perspective in how we look at the world.
  • How those Roles easily resonate or harmonize with others, or not.
  • How our areas of friendship and connection show up in combined charts and how that expresses itself.
  • Where the sparks fly in your relationships and
  • How to up-level dynamics that can change your relationships for the better.

Here’s what people are saying…

‘There were so many nuggets of wisdom and truth… I could see my growth and where I am on my journey. Thanks again, [Marije] for your wonderful presence, for being who you are and giving from the heart.’ -Bernice

'Undoubtedly what I most enjoyed from the program was Marije’s approach and her incredible way of making one feel acknowledged and guided in a personalized manner. Don’t know how she manages to do all that with all of us on the call, but I think it must be some kind of magic ;-)'– Luis

‘Thank you so much for introducing me to such an amazing process! It was like learning a new language, or way of looking at things. I can understand better how to be OK with some of my attributes that sometimes get in the way.’ -Charlotte

‘I am already feeling so much more comfort & ease being Me. No more need to try to control or pretend to fit in anywhere. Ran into my nemesis the other day and experienced delightful conversation. I’m recommending this to my friends!’ -Marilyn  

In this program you build upon those most important aspects of your Design so you get to love yourself and the other for who you both truly are in this lifetime…

Sounds pretty cool, right?


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