Power Up Your Inner Energy



How to Use Your Mind, Intuition and Resilience to Fuel Your Productivity

30-day Program

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If you want:

  • more flow in your day-to-day life,
  • fewer distractions,
  • and accomplish what you set out to do,

And learn to:

  • harness your emotions and increase your resilience,
  • become more attuned to your intuition,

let your inner energy guide your productivity. 

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Power up your Inner Energy

(VIP Members access here)

-An online course with Marije Miller, Professional Coach and Resilience Expert

Here’s what people are saying…

" I am proud to tell you I practice the tools you taught us everyday, and it benefits me a lot.  I really appreciate your teaching."  - Michelle

"This took things to a different level. One that made me more aware and gave me the nudge and steps to proceed forward with. … We all can learn a thing or two about moving closer to the things we desire. It brings awareness to the ways we live our lives that aren't always openly taught. Breaking things down in easily digestible steps.” - Melissa

Power Up Your Inner Energy: How to Use Your Mind, Intuition and Resilience to Fuel Your Productivity

30-day program, includes 4 modules, plus bonus class and tools:

Module 1: Your Mind & Productivity

Do you find yourself cleaning up or washing the dishes while you should be working on that important project? This module will help you understand why your own brain may be working against you. Discover your most important resource, learn about the Fallacy of Limiting Beliefs, and how to reduce distractions so you can get more done.

Module 2: Emotional Resilience

Build your emotional resilience and discover where you might be leaking energy. Learn a deceptively simply but transformational energy balancing technique to reduce anxiety and overwhelm. Harness the power of gratitude to up-level your energy, focus and health.

Module 3: Intuition & Alignment

Have you ever had something happen that you just could not explain?

Or synchronicities that showed up at just the right time?

Learn about some of the fascinating science behind intuition.

Fine-tune your own awareness. Learn to tap into the wisdom of your Heart’s guidance.

And a second process to open up access to your own inner knowing.

Module 4: Your Energetic Flow

Recognize how your energy works specifically for you, how to find and follow your flow, and how to re-align and re-focus if you get off track. Your Human Design chart is a wonderful key to manage your own personal energy and find your flow.

Included: your personal Human Design chart, and access to a bonus class with deeper insight into the Types using examples of other charts.

If you ever find yourself distracted while working on a pressing project, the information and tools you learn in the Power Up Your Inner Energy will help you get into your own flow and get things done!

In this online course you’ll 

  • receive 30+ days of easy to complete mini- “happiness”- challenges to up-level your energy
  • learn about the Fallacies of Limiting Beliefs and of Having to Have the Whole Vision
  • Experience and practice with awareness tools to manage your inner energy
  • Discover a deceptively simple yet powerful tool to build your Resilience
  • Experience the deep wisdom of your Heart’s intuitive guidance, and
  • Open up and increase access your inner knowing with a Gates to Soul Wisdom- practice.
Want to have more access to your inner flow and more easeful productivity?

Start with this online course today.

Total Value $499. Free for VIP members.


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