Human Design

Human Design Programs for Fast Learners

Human Design Chart in 30 days Program

Human Design Chart in 30-days

This program is designed for fast learners who want to know themselves better in 30-days. The Your Human Design Chart Program is a unique group coaching program that helps coaches, practitioners, healers, seekers of spiritual growth and anyone interested in self knowledge, learn to read their Human Design chart with ease in 30 days without overwhelm, frustration, or years of study, so they can know themselves better.

This 30-day program includes 9 modules, weekly group coaching, 1-on-1 access with me for questions, or assistance, live instruction events, and so much more.  

Human Design for Soul-preneurs program

Human Design for Soulpreneurs

The Human Design for the Soulpreneur Program is a unique Group Coaching Program. This program helps spiritual women ready for career change map out their spiritually aligned business in 90 days, without already having a clear vision, anxiety about being an entrepreneur, or worry about money, so they can have the steps to set up a Soulpreneur business that is uniquely their way.

This 90 Day program consists of 9 modules, weekly group coaching, one private 30 min session, live instruction events, and so much more.  

Human Design Programs for Slower Paced Learners


Human Design Experience Program- Level I

6-week course

  • Are you interested in Human Design?
  • Have you seen your chart or had a reading?
  • Are you wondering what to do with the information?

A Human Design reading can be eye-opening.

And while it’s often spot-on and inspiring, knowing how to integrate the information can be a challenge!

Human Design program level 2

Human Design Experience Program- Level II

6-week course

  • Are you interested in Human Design?
  • Level I was a powerful start –
  • Are you ready for more?

In Level I you discovered your natural strengths, how you relate to others and how your energy brings opportunities into your life.

By now you most likely have experienced how just this information alone can make your life easier, better.

Human design level 3

Human Design Experience Program- Level III

7-week course

Level I and Level II of the Human Design Experience taught you about yourself –

But what about relationships?

In Level I you discovered your natural strengths and how your energy brings opportunities into your life. And Level II took this information to new heights as you discovered your specific gifts and all the strengths that make you you.

In addition to individual Readings

I also offer Couple’s and Business Relationship Readings, as well as Solar and Chiron Return Readings.

If you want to take the information deeper and learn more, or if you are curious about using it with other people’s charts, I offer three levels of Human Design classes.

These classes have been pre-recorded, come with many bonuses and you can take them in your own time with lifetime access. And of course you can email me questions along the way: I love discussing Human Design!


I am starting to love myself and appreciate the efforts I have made to come to the me of today.


I am already feeling so much more comfort & ease being Me. No more need to try to control or pretend to fit in anywhere. Ran into my nemesis the other day and experienced delightful conversation. I’m recommending this to my friends!


Thanks to the program I learned to embrace all aspects of myself and that made me a more confident, free and peaceful person.


Somehow I feel as if it’s making some things “click” in my life. This course has increased my awareness process, making it easier for me to get in touch and better understand in a more holistic way the intrinsic mechanisms that comprise what I am. I am short of words to express my appreciation to Marije for her instruction and guidance, which surpassed my expectations.


This amazing tool helps me see and understand my life and relationships in new ways


Don’t Wait Any Longer.

You deserve to be happy! Period. Your happiness is a necessity. Get Started.