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Gypsy Interview

Here is what the Enchanted Gypsy wrote about the Gates to Soul Wisdom Oracle Deck. “It is an interesting deck as it is inspired by Human Design, which is a fusion of a few different esoteric areas as well as science, such as Astrology, I Ching, the Chakra System, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. If you’re like me, and have never heard of Human Design…

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Enchanted Gypsy Interview
Evolution of mankind

The Evolutionary


Learn about Human Design in this fun interview with David Knox. In his podcasts he discusses the next step for us Human Beings. As David says, “Do you believe that the evolution of the human species is accelerating? What if you could take part in the creation of the new species while transforming your own life at the same time? Join us as we learn how to create our own big, bright, beautiful, sexy, abundant life and incite the healing of the world in the same motion, helping to usher in the Age of Miracles!”

Tactical Magic


Molly Mandelberg, Unicorn Business Coach & Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up, covers topics about business with a magical twist. Listen here about Human Design and other topics.

Molly Mandelberg, Unicorn Business Coach & Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up podcast
Evolution of mankind

Stargate Experience


Julieanne of Stargate interviews Marije about Human Design

America Business

Media FM

Learn about Human Design in this brief interview with Rob from ABMFM.

Enchanted Gypsy Interview

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