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I believe we are here to love, learn, grow and enjoy life. I also believe we do a better job of this when we get ourselves out of the way, so our Spirit can move through us.

You are here to shine.

From burnout and uninspired, to recognizing and owning what makes you unique.

Maybe you have been coasting along in life. Perhaps you have achieved some measure of success, yet you find yourself feeling uninspired.

You hear the calling of your Soul: it is time. It is time to (re-)discover the true depth and value of what you have to offer. And express your more spiritual Self in the world!

Imagine what happens when you apply the whole of you practically in a career. Your life becomes inspired by your dreams and fully aligned with your core. This is what living life from the heart is like!

Our work together can be so powerful.

I work with women who are experiencing burnout from being in the same job, who recognize they want something different from their lives, and who have a perhaps secret dream of a career change, retirement, or even starting a new, heart based business of their own!

What is your dream?

What inspires you and pulls you forward?

Marije Miller vibrant women coaching

Do you want to:

  • create a business or healing practice that you love and fulfills you?
  • find and transition into a more fulfilling career?
  • learn how to interview effectively and negotiate for a higher salary?
  • have more energy to enjoy your family?
  • become less “triggered” and have more fun?
  • experience more creativity and be happier?
  • be able to problem solve more effectively?
  • embody more trust in yourself?
  • become a role model to others?

Those are just some of the things my clients have experienced through coaching and by using their Human Design. And you can, too.

When you finally say yes to you, your inner critical voice quiets and resistance melts away.

Physically you feel better with more energy and fewer aches or pains. You enjoy the career or business you are involved in. Spiritually you feel aligned, and your trust in the Universe deepens. You know you’re on track in following your heart’s direction.

If you take away all the “stuff” in life that clouds your vision, the next step becomes easy!

    Stop living in Quiet Desperation & Discover the Vibrant Woman in You.

    About Me

    I’m Marije Miller (pronounced Mariah)

    CCE Board Certified Coach and ICF Professional Certified Coach

    For over 20 years of working with individuals, teams, and businesses, I have helped people love their lives and bring out their best performance in their work. Using an amazing system called Human Design we discover your individual strengths and gifts and receive insight in your Life Purpose. You experience more confidence, and you relax into yourself, trusting your path.

    My coaching helps you integrate powerful strategies that bring about alignment and resilience, so you get to express your Purpose!

    Let’s connect to find out how I can best support you.

    Don’t Wait Any Longer.

    You deserve to be happy! Period. Your happiness is a necessity. Get Started.