Human Design for Soulpreneurs


The Human Design for the Soulpreneur Program is a unique Group Coaching Program that helps spiritual women ready for career change map out their spiritually aligned business in 90 days, without already having a clear vision, anxiety about being an entrepreneur, or worry about money, so they can have the steps to set up a Soulpreneur business that is uniquely their way.

This 90 Day program consists of :

  • New content each week
  • Office hours each week with direct access to me to ask questions and have coaching around your business
  • Private 30 min session with me once a month to have coaching around anything you want
  • Your coach (me) holding you accountable, with option to continue after the program ends
  • Special live instruction events
  • Access to the videos for every step of the way

This program includes the prerequisite Your Human Design Chart in 30 Day Program.

Price $1000

Pay Later options make this less than $54 per month!

After completion of the Your Human Design Chart in 30 Day Program you will automatically have access to the Modules of Human Design for the Soulpreneur Program.

9 Modules

  1. Your Business Concept
  2. Your Business Strengths and Wisdom
  3. Align Vision with Your Design
  4. Practical Business Fundamentals
  5. Your Aligned Work Environment
  6. Your Aligned Online Presence
  7. Opportunities & Your Design
  8. Building Inner Trust
  9. Celebrate Your Aligned Business

Descriptions of Each Module

  • Your Business Concept
    • Create an initial vision that aligns with your Design without overwhelm about the details
  • Your Business Strengths and Wisdom
    • Flesh out a more complete vision without worry that you have what it takes
  • Align Vision with Your Design
    • Solidify alignment with your business idea without confusion about your Purpose
  • Practical Business Fundamentals
    • Create a timeline with initial action steps to establish a business, without worrying about the 'how's
  • Your Aligned Work Environment
    • Gain confidence in the environments you work best in, without losing sight of how you are wired
  • Your Aligned Online Presence
    • Gain clarity about your Design-aligned voice, without getting lost in too broad of a market
  • Opportunities & Your Design
    • Plan marketing ideas that resonate with your Design, without confusion about how to reach your clients
  • Building Inner Trust
    • Have a practical strategy when your inner critic speaks, without completely losing your flow
  • Celebrate Your Aligned Business
    • Celebrate your completed business map, without worry of how to move forward



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