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Soul Shelter day 2

Soul Shelter

by Marije

Soul Shelter was an offering to provide a moment of calm and balance during the pandemic. With our schedules adjusted, rhythms and routines changed, there has been a lot of stress and anxiety swirling around. And yet, this impactful event was part of the shifting of the planet. This Shift has been happening for quite a number of years; the Coronavirus is part of the process.

Things will continue to be happening and affecting all of us. However, you do have some say in how you move through them. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be afraid, or that it’s wrong to have fear. Fear is a natural reaction to change, especially when it happens on such a grand scale. But fear can spin you out. A lack of control in what is happening can make you lose perspective of what is True.

And what is True is that underneath and surrounding it all, you are supported by the Universe. You are loved so much more than you can even imagine. And this support and love can be your guidance to get through this period. Because we are moving into a world that is more just, more kind and more beautiful than any of us can imagine at this time.

I hope that these brief messages bring you a moment of care, comfort and connection as we move through this phase in time.

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