Career Coaching

I have just completed my first 90-days with my new role at —– and am really enjoying it so far! Going into the new role, I took a lot of the lessons from our exercises about what I value, how my values align with the company, and what I want to get from this role. By going into the role so focused allowed me to hit the ground running and feel confident as I was starting in a new environment. At the end of the first week, I received a compliment from my boss about how I was handling the onboarding process so well and he encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing. 

Thank you again for your coaching during my 6-months of unemployment.”

Marketing Manager

Coaching with Marije has helped me trust what my purpose is and be patient for a great new career opportunity rather than settling for a subpar one. I recently received a phenomenal job offer that is closely aligned to my purpose and am excited for this new adventure. I recommend working with Marije for those who are interested in a blend of self-reflection, human design and a willingness to make moves in their lives.


Director Strategy & Management

“Marije, thank you so much for working with me as I started my own business after 17 years as an employee.  You supported and encouraged me every step of the way.  When things got hard and I got discouraged, you remembered my values and intentions and helped me stay on my path, always remaining kind and positive and never judging.  I would recommend your coaching to anyone.”


Marije has a gift of guiding, coaching and motivating from her heart. In a very short time I was tackling and accomplishing things that I had been merely talking and thinking about doing for months. Amazing! I would recommend Marije to anyone who wants to get unstuck in their life or wants to improve their quality of life and feel so much better about themselves. She truly can help you live Your Greatest Life. As a coach, she can be your guardian angel.


I’ve been working with my coach Marije Miller for the past 2 years. During this time, Marije has helped me enormously with the evolution of my new career. Marije is a superb listener, she is warm, supportive, validating, experienced, and extremely smart. There have been times when I’ve felt insecure moving forward, and Marije was, without exception, always in my corner rooting for me.

Marije has provided me coaching in using helpful techniques, including HeartMath®, that have absolutely served and supported me in my personal growth, as well as in my career goals. 

I can honestly say that without Marije’s career coaching. I would have thrown in the towel by now in defeat. With Marije, I feel hopeful and rejuvenated. She is amazing and I am eternally grateful!


Wellness Coach

Marije’s coaching helped me create a successful business in a much shorter time than I would have been able to on my own, with fewer mistakes and wrong directions. She helped me both personally and professionally think clearly about my goals and values and how they affect all aspects of my life!

Sharon Broughton


Marije, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time and effort expended on your behalf in our meetings. Your focus and prompt attention to the issues at hand, along with the continued support that you offer make reaching those goals a reality. It’s a pleasure knowing you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I really enjoyed the talks I had with Marije, I feel great. I am permanently changing my should to could!!!!!! I was able to talk and talk and then Marije would ask this awesome question and I would have a very important insight by the end of the session. Marije showed me I was able to make a life change that is perfect for me and my values.


Marije’s approach during our coaching session was very direct, yet gentle. She got quickly to the point where I needed help. Afterwards I felt good, but also very tired, because we worked through so much. Maybe that’s because of my M.S., but now that I’ve rested I feel so much clearer. I really feel encouraged; I felt fearful and kind of in a rut, but I feel so much stronger now! I am excited to start the project we’ve designed together!


I was looking for a way to stay focused on my goals. Also, I wanted a place to bounce ideas around. These expectations were met with every meeting. Coaching was more than I expected.

Looking back I realize that each time Marije pointed out to me that I had taken a step closer to my goal, I was motivated to continue working to get even closer to it. Marije is very good at letting you know when you accomplish something, even the smallest step. This way I was able to see them for myself and give myself credit for them.

It was helpful for me each time Marije let me know when I was avoiding the work. She does this in a direct way but without judgment. When Marije repeated things I said, it let me know I was being heard and that we were on the same page. I found the experience very valuable. I continue to pull from the sessions when I need to refocus.


I live in Europe and Marije has been helping me for almost 8 years by telephone.  I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have got through this time without her fantastic listening ability and incisive questioning and gentle guidance. 

I contacted Marije because I was overwhelmed and over-stressed and it was taking a toll on my health. The tools I learned also helped me reduce my high blood pressure and be more present to spending quality time with my husband.

After he died, dealing with step children and then 2 years later talking about my mother dying allowed me to look at all the strategies for dealing with emotions and grief again, which gave me great strength. 

Somehow Marije just knows what to say and ask the right questions and this in turn makes thinking over the situations available and allows analysis of what is really going on possible.

With her help I now feel able to control my blood pressure and feel relaxed and able to look openly and clearly at my emotions. My life now is much happier, calmer and more accepting of how things are. This leads in turn to less fear and more fun and the ability to take on new things.

My late husband filled the house with music every day running choirs and practicing the piano for at least 3 hours every day composing and playing duets with friends – I missed this music so much. Recently I had the courage to join a choir and I have started to learn the piano so I can create music in the home again. This would not have been possible without learning about being kind to myself – self compassion.


I liked having the freedom to discuss what was on my mind. I could openly discuss any problem that I was having and it would be well received. I feel that I benefited from coaching quite well. I got new focus, and coaching helped to locate my internal motivation. Coaching helped to direct me to where I really wanted to be.

I was not looking hard enough at the road that I wanted to travel, but coaching helped me to get back on track and take the steps towards reaching my goals. Coaching has boosted my self- esteem quite a bit. It was a major help to work on things that I have accomplished and goals that I have reached. It is something that I never paid attention to, or was embarrassed to for fear that I was being too vain.

But I learned that it is not being vain, it just showed me what I am able to do, and what more I am capable to accomplish. I like knowing I have a fan out there, supporting me in my decisions! Thank you times 1,001!


Marije Miller is a skilled personal coach. One of the most important qualities for a coach–and one which she possesses in abundance–is the ability to cut into the heart of an issue and to focus on it without projecting her own judgment on her clients’ issues and lives.

Marije coached me through two months when my life was in transition in nearly every aspect. My response to the upheaval I was feeling at the time was to just avoid the issues, and Marije helped me to re-focus on what I held important, and then with getting what I needed to.

I appreciate Marije for supporting me in being accountable for my goals and plans; for her encouragement throughout this time and beyond; and for her clarity when my thinking was clouded.


Marije is an absolute gem. There is no doubt that she thoroughly enjoys her work. It shows in her total commitment to her clients and their success. There’s nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about Marije’s approach. She digs in and gets to know her clients and helps them achieve their goals on their terms, at their pace, and to how each client is wired up.


(Your coaching) really made a difference in my energy and outlook. Thanks for being there for me in your special way.


I’ve thought of you often since our last session and just want to say THANK YOU. You guided me through a very powerful process. We dove right into what has been a core and circulating issue since the beginning – trust – and you left me with a powerful question that I have worked with since. It lead me to some very powerful realizations/experiences bringing a glimpse of previous understanding FAR deeper, into the experiential level. It took on very visceral healing and immediate meaning after our session. I feel very comforted, my questions about having observed so much pain answered. I understand, I’m not fighting against what is. It has REALLY REALLY HELPED. Thank you so much, Marije.


This [HeartMath] training really lifted staff’s spirits and provided tangible skills to use for themselves and with participants, which feels good. Thank you for a well composed and thought out training .


Inmate Programs Manager

Marije, I wanted you to know that the techniques you introduced me to, have been very powerful. Things are definitely moving… I am feeling more at peace and just more neutral… and I’ve had two people in the past two days say that I look “much better” – I guess maybe the Munch scream is fading?? 🙂


An excellent leader and resources provider for the professional. Coaching aligned with innovative technology to back up the science-based [practices]. Marije offered facilitation of individual and group setting services where she provided a comprehensive education and heartfelt support to new coaches and mentors. Her exceptional service targeted the precise barriers that I experienced and our time spent in classes consistently fostered growth, exquisite communication and reliable support.


Nurse Consultant

…My attitude and willingness to grow and keep going down a (much stronger) path is directly related to our work.  Your willingness to challenge me, refocus my energies and point out some tendencies that I had not seen in myself before kept the work interesting and vital. (But in specific..)

1. My ability to be more objective in interpersonal communication with staff who report to me. 

2. Recognizing and utilizing my strengths to bring out the strengths in others.


Program Director

The whole experience was so valuable for me it’s hard to find things that didn’t work!  Your ability to grab words I was using to help me uncover dreams and desires as well as likes, dislikes, and fears was marvelous. I’m excited about my life and its possibilities again.  The process took me from a place where I was frustrated with my current employment and dreamed vaguely of a more fulfilling existence to a place where I now am actively pursuing a concrete dream that fills me with excitement, passion and joy.  I am able to see my current job as a valuable lesson and a place where I learned skills that will serve me in anything I do going forward.  I defined the dreams that had lurked below my vague hopes for a better life and simultaneously began a wholesale clearing of the thoughts and fears that were holding me back from pursuing those dreams.

Though still waiting to be laid off from my job, I’ve put together a list of services I’ll be offering in the coming months that speak to who I am, what I’m passionate about, and the unique contributions I have to make to the world.  I’m going to be pursuing a Masters Degree in the fall that not only moves me into a realm I didn’t think I could be accepted in, but will be custom tailored to my unique interests and qualifications.  While I have moments of fear about having no formal employment (translation: steady corporate job) I am filled with the sense that if I continue moving in the direction of my passion and joy, I’ll always find the solutions to whatever challenges crop up along the way.” 


Movement Coach

Marije’s firm and caring approach helped get focused on my top priorities and on what I want to accomplish. She was able to help me determine what obstacles stood in way, how to get around them, and achieve my goals and objectives.



Marije’s firm and caring approach helped get focused on my top priorities and on what I want to accomplish. She was able to help me determine what obstacles stood in way, how to get around them, and achieve my goals and objectives.



Marije came into my life at a time when I needed her desperately, and didn’t even realize it. She had the insight to see my dilemma before I did, and she brilliantly pulled me out of the rut I was sinking further into. I had been making life and family decisions based on all the wrong reasons. I was so busy keeping up with life’s daily demands, that I never stopped to think about what I wanted out of life, and where I had hoped I would be at this point in time.

Marije got to the heart of my problems with her finely-tuned listening and paraphrasing skills, which resulted in brilliant insights about me, I had never known before. She probed deep into the core root of my long, lost dreams and desires to find out what I truly wanted in life. Her homework assignments taught me to be honest with my true, inner self.

After just a few sessions with Marije, and my new positive outlook, my life began to improve. Within weeks, I was offered a new and exciting career in a beautiful community where, I know my family and I will be happy forever. I know, now, that I’m on my true path in life.

Marije is not like a psychologist or counselor that just listens to my problems. She’s that guardian angel we all secretly desire that truly has my best interests at heart, and wants me to succeed for me. She’s brilliant!!! There is no greater investment I could have made. It’s an investment in myself… and my family’s future happiness.


Architectural Manager

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