Hi, good to see you again!

My name is Marije Miller, thank you for joining me in this brief video. In it you will learn more about your Human Design Type.

By now you should have received your Human Design Chart. It’s not uncommon for people to feel curious, intrigued and even a bit overwhelmed when they receive their chart: what does it all mean?!! There is so much information in this blueprint that is truly ‘YOU’.

In this short video I will share about your Human Design Type, as knowing this will already give you one of the keys in how you use your energy best, how you can recognize whether you’re on track and how to make quick course correction if necessary to make life flow more.

You know, there are several types in Human Design, and your chart shows that you are a Manifesting Generator!

Manifesting Generators make up about 35% of the population, and as a Manifesting Generator you are here to do what you love and love what you do and do it quickly and efficiently on top of that!!

As a Manifesting Generator you have what I call ‘bouncy ball’ energy! You tend to get into action quickly and are able to change direction rapidly when necessary. You have the ability to achieve great things. 

The thing is that you can find yourself being ‘too quick’ sometimes, getting into things that weren’t necessarily the correct thing for you.

You may recognize this example: you’re at home and suddenly you receive a call from a friend. The friend asks you to join them for dinner and before you’ve even hung up the phone you’re already at the door with your coat in your hand!

And then there is this moment, that you can quickly check in with yourself: do I really want to go out to dinner tonight?

It’s that check-in that gives you your real answer: maybe you feel a bit rundown and would rather stay home, but wait, you already told your friends you were going to be there… Do you listen to that inner check-in to your intuition? Or do you push ahead? Because once you push ahead you’re committed…

Does this example resonate for you? If so, there’s a really quick way to turn things around. For Manifesting Generators, it’s all about your energy. And next to Generators, Manifesting Generators have the easiest and quickest strategy to determine what your energy is available for.

It is simple. Experiment with asking yourself (or being asked) yes or no questions. When a Manifesting Generator is asked yes or no questions, they’ll feel a ‘yes’ or ‘ahah’ And if it’s a ‘not now’ it can sound like ‘unuh’.  (it’s never a hard ‘no’, simply a ‘not now’ by the way)

And then, if you start going, there will be that moment to pause, and check-in with yourself. and then listen to your intuition if you really want to go ahead with it.

The way you can tell if your decision to get engaged with some activity is really right for you is whether you feel a sense of satisfaction. When you’re involved with something that your energy is available for, you’ll feel satisfaction. Or, on the other hand, if you’re experiencing frustration, it is a sign that it may not be the best use of your energy. 

So, if you are for instance at work and you feel a lot of frustration during the day, it may show you that it’s not the right environment or thing to do at that moment. You then have a quick way to get back into your flow, by asking yourself or be asked yes or no questions, to determine what your energy truly is available for.

It takes practice to get to know how this works for you, so give yourself time to experiment with this.

And soon you’ll receive another brief video telling you more about one aspect that you may find affects all your relationships!

I look forward to connecting again soon and sharing more about your Human Design! Take care!