Hi, good to see you again!

My name is Marije Miller, thank you for joining me in this brief video. In it you will learn more about your Human Design Type.

By now you should have received your Human Design Chart. It’s not uncommon for people to feel curious, intrigued and even a bit overwhelmed when they receive their chart: what does it all mean?!! There is so much information in this blueprint that is truly ‘YOU’.

In this short video I will share about your Human Design Type, as knowing this will already give you one of the keys in how you use your energy best, how you can recognize whether you’re on track and how to make quick course correction if necessary to make life flow more.

You know, there are several types in Human Design, and your chart shows that you are a Manifestor!

As a Manifestor you are here to be a catalyst to make things happen! Only 8% of the population is a Manifestor, The rest of us all want to be like you, because we see how easily you put things into motion. You tend to have a great vision of what’s possible and are able to quickly put your ideas and motivation into action, creating all sorts of projects and achieving new things. This is so easy for you that you often take for granted how much you actually accomplish. Just be aware that others don’t have the same capability as you do.

And the thing is that for others, seeing you in action can feel like you’re unpredictable. Because instead of talking about it, you are out there doing it! And this can bring up resistance from others, because they are unsure of what you’ll be doing next!  And for you, that can make you angry!

This may be uncomfortable for you to hear, but the easiest way to deal with this is for you to inform others, to let them know, ‘Listen, I’m going to the store’ or ‘I’m going to work on this project now’. Because what happens is that as soon as you inform people of your plans, they feel relief and their resistance disappears. That opens up the energy for you to move forward and be your amazing manifesting self!

And just so you know, informing people is not the same as asking permission! You don’t need their permission! Simply informing them reduces that resistance, which brings a sense of peace for you…

So, when you are experiencing anger, it often means there’s resistance from others.   Informing them of what you’re about brings in more flow and peace for you.

It takes practice to get to know how this works for you, so give yourself time to experiment with this.

Soon you’ll receive another brief video telling you more about one aspect that you may find affects all your relationships!

I look forward to connecting again soon and sharing more about your Human Design! Take care!