Leadership Excellence – Assessment & Optimization

When the world is changing so fast that the old ways are no longer working, then it’s time to connect new dots to bring about innovation.

In today’s world leaders need be on top of their game just to stay afloat. The needs of the marketplace are constantly changing, requiring your company to move with the trends and of you to lead your team effectively.


“When I first encountered Human Design, I had my doubts – it sounded esoteric – but based on everyone raving, I gave it a try with a favorite client.  The results were incredible. 

She had been working long hours for several years – getting by, but never developing traction in her business. She had to be in constant action, never able to slow down, because she always needed to secure the next contract.  

Based on the BG5 insights, we re-engineered her approach, to use her innate abilities to bring the clients towards her, instead of her pursuing them.  The first sign we were on track was how much she relaxed and felt happier.  And within a short time, her plate was full of opportunities. 

It has remained full for the past 2 years, with substantially reduced effort, and lots more peace – all from re-designing her approach to match her personality. ” -Ellie Pope, Business Coach, US

Are you a leader of a small company, wanting to grow to the next level? And yet, in the day-to-day business, do you find yourself distracted and losing focus? Or your time wasted on budgeting and scheduling and putting out fires, instead of engaging with customers and developing business relationships? As a leader, do you know how to bring out the best in your team?

Leadership Analysis

This BG5™️ Leadership Analysis helps you understand yourself in new terms that may validate what you know about yourself, yet more likely will provide new insights into the leader that you truly are. Through this innovative Leadership Analysis you:

  • learn how to use your energy most efficiently
  • how to recognize the opportunities coming your way
  • how to determine which of these to seize, and which to ignore
  • and how to maximize your skills and strengths to optimize results.

Using objective information this Leadership Analysis reveals a synthesis of both your conscious and unconscious strengths, skills and characteristics.

The initial response of the leaders going through the process is often one of skepticism, only to be turned into surprise when they experience the accuracy of the information that can be immediately and practically applied. 

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