Vibrant Women

Vibrant Women Coaching is for women who are done living in quiet desperation! They are ready to reconnect with their center, that core of who they are, and bring the spark back in their lives.


“Marije, I wanted you to know that the techniques you introduced me to have been very powerful. Things are definitely moving… I am feeling more at peace and just more neutral… and I’ve had two people in the past two days say that I look ‘much better!” – Suze

Warning: Vibrant Women Coaching comes with side effects! You:

  • Sleep better                                               
  • Have more focus
  • Are more creative
  • Make better decisions
  • Gain clear vision and direction
  • Achieve your goals
  • Experience loving relationships and
  • Enjoy your life more!

Physically you feel better with more energy and fewer aches or pains; you enjoy the career or business life you desire, and spiritually you feel aligned, trusting the Universe, knowing you’re on track and living your purpose. If you take away all the “stuff” in life that clouds your vision, the next step becomes easy!

These are some of the things that clients express at the start of our work together. Does any of this sound familiar? You may be successful in your career or business, have a family and/or solid network of friends, but:

  • You tell others that “Everything is fine,” but inside, you feel that this isn’t quite it…
  • You have this ache inside that there is more to life than you’re currently living.
  • You feel guilty for this unfulfilled feeling, because you have “nothing to complain about.”
  • You eat, drink, shop, …(fill in the blank) and feel better for a brief moment, but that stirring keeps coming back.
  • You know you came here to do something, if only you could remember…

And you have a deep yearning to be:

  • Of service to humanity and the greater good,
  • Recognized or acknowledged for who you really are and what you bring,
  • Aligned to your core, knowing that what you do, really matters…

This is where Vibrant Women Coaching is so powerful. Through a combination of conversation, powerful questioning and practical techniques, we work together to put that spark back into your life and reclaim your Vibrant You! Depending on your preference, we meet on the phone twice to four times a month for individual, personalized sessions.

Call me at (916) 995-9695 to schedule a Discovery Session.

I draw upon a large foundation of modalities. Some of the components that we use in our work together include:

HeartMath® Tools and the emWave® Technology: Dealing with stress or overwhelm is not how most of us like to live our lives. All the pressure we put upon ourselves can create tremendous havoc in our body, affecting our health, clarity of thought, etc. The HeartMath System is a system of scientifically validated tools and techniques that help you manage emotions, creating more space for clear focus and the energy to sustain. And as you become more in tune with yourself, you’ll hear that voice in your heart that guides you to what is right for you…

Life Purpose Assessment: Who are you? What is your purpose and how do you make decisions that are right for you? A Human Design reading is a 1-hour process that gives you deep insights and a very practical strategy on how to navigate life. It gives us a strong foundation to use in our work together.

Career Assessment: Now that you know what you want out of life, how do you want to express it? The BG5 career assessment is a process that is very effective in helping you have the career or business you want. We look at your strengths, skills, the environment you work best in, how you process information, etc., to see what you bring to the business world, so you get to really enjoy your life.

Core Dynamics Coaching: What gets in the way? You are not really a procrastinator or lazy; or a “never-completing-anything” person. I just don’t believe that! This coaching model brings clarity about what it is that holds you back from being truly vibrant, anytime and all the time.

Relationships: Creating and sustaining the loving relationships you deserve takes time, care and effort. How do you really want to show your love and care to the important people in your life, while honoring your own needs and boundaries? You will learn a skill set which will give you the energy and spring in your step to enjoy your significant other, your family and most importantly the connection with yourself!

Vibrant Living: Vibrant living is healthy living. Sleep, food, exercise… We all know the drill! Yet, sometimes we work too hard, have a glass too many or too much dessert. But I’ll tell you a secret: when we apply the approaches mentioned above, you will ultimately live your vibrant life, healthy and happy. It’s just what happens!

So call me at (916) 995-9695 to discover if this process is right for you. I look forward to connecting with you!


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