Hi, good to see you again!

My name is Marije Miller, thank you for joining me in this brief video. In it you will learn more about your Human Design Type.

By now you should have received your Human Design Chart. It’s not uncommon for people to feel curious, intrigued and even a bit overwhelmed when they receive their chart: what does it all mean?!! There is so much information in this blueprint that is truly ‘YOU’.

In this short video I will share about your Human Design Type, as knowing this will already give you one of the keys in how you use your energy best, how you can recognize whether you’re on track and how to make quick course correction if necessary to make life flow more.

You know, there are several types in Human Design, and your chart shows that you are a Projector!

As a Projector you are here to be a guide to others. You have this amazing ability to really ‘see’ into people and recognize what they are all about and that is why you are an expert at guiding the process. As a Projector you have a real specific, beautiful frequency, an energy that you send out, but not everyone can hear or see that frequency. Only the people that are right for you will notice you and recognize you. When you are recognized by them and are invited for what you can really bring in, that is when it is right for you to engage.

When you are at an event and you simply walk up to someone, you may experience a resistance. You may find the other person gets this ‘deer in the headlights’-look! This is because your energy is very focused, your ability to really see into someone can be quite uncomfortable for others, unless it is invited.

If others see you and come up to you, or invite you for a cup of coffee, that is a possibility letting you know they are available to you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should, simply because they gave you an invitation! You want to make sure you feel really recognized for you. If you’re a great writer and someone asks you to help reorganize their garden, that may not be the right place for you. So be aware of a tendency to want to say ‘yes’ to the invitation and actually wait for the right invitation to come your way. (this is especially important in the larger areas of life: where to live/ work/ relationships/ etc)

Do you recognize this?

When you engage with the wrong invitation you will experience bitterness of not being seen. The right invitations will bring you success. So it’s all about living your life, being aware of the invitations that are coming your way. Don’t despair if it seems like there are no invitations: they will come!

It takes practice to get to know how this works for you, so give yourself time to experiment with this.

And soon you’ll receive another brief video telling you more about one aspect that you may find affects all your relationships!

I look forward to connecting again soon and sharing more about your Human Design! Take care!