Hi, good to see you again!

My name is Marije Miller, thank you for joining me in this brief video. In it you will learn more about your Human Design Type.

By now you should have received your Human Design Chart. It’s not uncommon for people to feel curious, intrigued and even a bit overwhelmed when they receive their chart: what does it all mean?!! There is so much information in this blueprint that is truly ‘YOU’.

In this short video I will share about your Human Design Type, because knowing this will already give you one of the keys in how you use your energy best, how you can recognize whether you’re on track and how to make quick course correction if necessary to make life flow more.

You know, there are several types in Human Design, and your chart shows that you are a Reflector!

First of all, the fact that your chart has all the triangles and squares white doesn’t mean there is anything wrong for you. As a matter of fact it means that life for you is very different than everyone else, but you probably know that already.  Less than 1% of the population are Reflectors. You pick up everything in your environment and reflect it back.

You can absorb everything and that means that you can get overloaded. This is why it is very important for you to have your own space. You have a very different design than others and in previous times you would be the Monk or the High Priestess to everyone, away from society on a hill top communing with the Universe and people would come to you for advice.

For you, you are here to experience Trust in life with a capital T. Complete trust. And the more you trust, the more your life will allow you to go with the flow. It doesn’t mean to just trust everyone and everything: you actually do have a way to determine what is correct for you.

It takes time for you to make decisions. You have what we call a ‘Lunar Design’, you don’t have consistent access to energy like ‘sun’-types. What this means for you is that it takes about 29 days for the moon to go through each of the gates of the Human Design wheel. As it does, you get different perspectives, which allow you to gather information from different points of view. In other words, take your time before making decisions. Talk to other people, not for their advice, but to listen to yourself and hear how you speak about things.

It takes practice to get to know how this works for you, so give yourself time to experiment with this and time to make decisions.

Soon you’ll receive another brief video telling you more about one aspect that you may find affects all your relationships!

I look forward to connecting again soon and sharing more about your Human Design! Take care!