A single Reading will already be very enlightening. However, if you want to truly express your Purpose in this lifetime, I offer Human Design Coaching to help you integrate your Design.

Thank you so much, Marije. I’m so grateful for our session. It provided beautifully coherent messages and something I can “do” immediately to shift things without stewing about a particular outcome at the moment. In addition to your special and evolved tools, I really appreciate your wisdom and compassion.  – Belinda

In customized sessions, you deepen your understanding and experience of yourself. We discover exactly how your intuition speaks to you, and what masquerades as intuition, so you can easily know what to trust, and what to safely ignore.

You learn how to be in alignment with that part of you that knows, so you become clear on which choices to make that are real and true for you.

Sessions can be recorded for your benefit.

Determine if Human Design Coaching is right for you: schedule a Free ‘On Purpose Discovery Session’ to learn more about yourself and how I might be able to support you.

In this 30-min call, I promise to help you become crystal clear about your current situation and help you get an idea of your vision. The session will also give you an opportunity to experience how I work, so you can determine if we are a good fit.