Hi, it’s me again!

My name again is Marije Miller and thank you for joining me for this brief video. You’ll learn about one of the aspects of your design that has an affect on all of your relationships. Now, knowing this is going to give you a different perspective of your interactions. You’ll look at them in a different way, giving you the potential to make your relationships easier, and especially with the people closest to you.

Now, you know how you can get triggered, or feel really drained or exhausted after being with certain people, while with other people you may feel really energized after having been with them? And it’s also sometimes, while, when you’re around this one person, you always feel really anxious and on guard, while with others you may feel really good about yourself? It has everything to do with how your Human Design meshes with other people’s Designs.

So let’s talk about one specific part of the Design that really has the potential to change your relationships, and that has everything to do with your emotions. It’s called your Emotional Center, or your Solar Plexus. So what does that mean? If you take a look at your chart you’ll see a number of triangles and squares, which we call Centers, and each Center has a specific focus.

In my program we will go much deeper into what each of the centers mean and how each one affects certain of your life, but for this brief video I want to give you a quick understanding, like a mini-mini-crash course, which is this triangle on the right side of your chart.

And depending on your birth information this center is either colored in, and then it will be brown, or it will white.

And when a center is colored in, we call it defined, and it means that you have consistent access to that particular area of your life. It’s like the energy is running there 24/7. You can rely on that part of you as “Oh, this is how I am”.

Well, if it is white, we call it undefined or open and it means that you only have access to this area when there are other people around you that have that particular Center filled in or if there is a particular transit that fills it in for you. Now, this particular Center manages the emotions and just so you know, whether that center is colored in or not, means of course that you have emotions. It just is a very different way in how you experience or express things. And also how you affect other people around you.

If you have this center colored in it means that your emotions are part of what we call an emotional wave. It means that for you, emotions are always moving up and down. The thing is that when we look at the world through our emotions, our emotions give us color to our world. They give us a different experience of our world. So for you, your world always moves in a more positive or a more down way. And the type of wave of your particular chart is different so in the program we go deeper into what your particular “type of wave” might be.

But what you may experience is that some moments you feel really really great, and at other moments you can feel really down. The thing is that it is just chemistry. It has nothing to do with what is happening around you, it really is just how you perceive things. And it can really affect your life.

For instance, if you are with someone and you are having a really great time and you’re feeling great and this person asks you “Do you want to go skydiving?” You may find yourself, because you’re feeling so great, enthusiastically saying “Yes! Let’s do that!” And then the next morning you think “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I said just yes to going skydiving. What was I thinking!”

The interesting thing is that the Emotional Center, if you have it filled in, it actually means that you have to take time to make your decisions, because as you’re experiencing different emotions going up your wave or down your wave, feeling good about things and feeling not so good about things, you have a different perspective.

And so, as you are having those different experiences, you may ask different questions like “Well, who am I going to go skydiving with?” and “What’s the track record of this company?” All these important questions that might come up, so that you can come to an answer that will ultimately give you this idea of “Yeah, I do want to go skydiving after all.” Or “Maybe I’ll sit this one out.”

So again, taking time is of the essence when you’re making decisions. And if you have this Center colored and your emotions are down, it’s really good to honor them. It’s often not the best time for you to go out in public, because you send your emotions out. You’ve probably noticed when you’re feeling down and are really angry or depressed or anxious, that other people feel that. You may find yourself for instance at the mall in this particular state, you’ll notice that other people around you just kind of want to stay away from you. I have the center so I know what I’m talking about. I experience that. :o)

So it’s a good time to just let your emotional wave just follow its process, it will go back up again so just take this time for yourself.

Now, if you have the center white or undefined or open, it means that you do not consistently have access to the center. Again, of course you have emotions, but in general if you are by yourself you tend to more of an “even keel”- kind of person. Your emotions are kind of even.

It does mean that when you are around other people you’re very sensitive to other people’s emotions.  it really means that your Center actually takes in and then mirrors and amplifies what it is that you are experiencing around you. So, if you are in an environment where other people are feeling really good, you may find that you’re feeling twice as good.

So if people ask you to go skydiving, “Yes!”, you may be all over it! It may not be the right thing for you either. So take your time, move away from that environment before you make decisions.

Also, when other people are feeling down around you, you actually may experience yourself feeling twice as down, because you’re really taking that information, that experience, that emotional information in. And you’re amplifying it.  Again it’s not you. It’s really your sensitivity to other people’s emotions. One thing about that, that is really important, that I found that I hear a lot from my clients, is that it’s not your responsibility to make other people feel better by processing other people’s emotions. You are not the “emotional dumping ground” for emotionally defined people, when they don’t feel good about themselves, to just dump their emotions on you and that you’ll take it in and just say “Okay, I’ll deal with that later”.

That’s not what you’re here for. It may be something that in your family you found you do a lot of, but it’s really not your your job to do so. Because you soak that up and you may find yourself being left with that and then: what do you do? It’s important for you to allow yourself to pull yourself out of the situation and say “Listen, I’m really sorry to hear you go through this. I’m going to go take a walk. I’ll be right back.” Or something like that and kind of let go of all that negativity.

I hope that this all makes sense, because if you have this Center undefined or white, again it’s a different way in how you’re experiencing the emotional life around you than when you are having this center defined and you’re part of this wave that kind of moves you up and down. 

As I mentioned before it really takes time and practice to integrate this and feel how this all works for you. So give yourself time to experiment with it. There is so much to learn about your Human Design, so feel free to dive into the articles and free resources that are available on my website. I also regularly offer a free call in which people get to submit their charts with a question, and then we delve into their charts, which is very fun. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you join me to learn more about your Human Design.

Take care!