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A couple weeks ago something happened: the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor! A few days afterwards I happened to be showing his chart in my group of participants of my Human Design Experience – Level 3 Program. We were talking about charts and I introduced Archie’s chart as an example. I received so much positive feedback, that I decided to record a brief video for everybody who is not in the program. So that you get to learn about this amazing little person!

For people who are not familiar, Archie is the newborn son by Meghan and Harry of the House of Windsor UK, I believe he is number 7 in line of the throne. I used the birth information that I had with my software program and you see his birth information in black on the right hand side, as well as unconscious information from about 3 months before his birth in red, that we overlay into this chart in the center, so we can get a good look at who this person is going to become and what he is going to grow into!

The first thing that we always look at is his Type. Archie is a Manifesting Generator. In Human Design there are five Types. Together with the Generator, the Manifesting Generator consists of the largest group: it takes up about 70% of the population. What this means for Archie is that he is here to do what he loves and love what he does. It is really important for him to recognize what the things are that he really enjoys doing, because those are the things that are going to pull him forward, like this internal ‘Yes!’, this gut response. It lets him know what his energies are available for. And by doing those things, he will have more flow and more satisfaction in his life.

Conversely, when he bumps into things it is because he’s not really in alignment with what is really true for him. When he starts feeling like he is wading through molasses, or trying to push his way forward, that’s not right for him. It’s not necessarily that things are supposed to be perfect, because of course this is life and life’s not like that. He actually has a lifetime of bumping into life, recognizing what does or doesn’t work, and learning from that, adjusting his course to find the way that things do work, so that he’ll be able to share that with others. So over the course of his lifetime he’ll become more wise about the things that work: that’s who he is.

As he’s going along life he’ll bump into things and have that sense of, “Oh this is not working, let me try to find a different way”. That is really right for him.

However, when he starts to get this real deep frustration, like trying to ‘push the river’, that means that for him this is not the right time to be involved. It doesn’t mean it’s never the right time. It just means that right now his energy is not available for it.

And the way that I can see that in his chart, is the he has a ‘gut’- response, from his Sacral Center. It is the red square in the chart. If you happen to have your chart and this Center is colored in, it means that you have this inner sense that says, “Yes I’m available” or “No, uhun”. It actually has a sound to it.

Another part of his Design is that he has a real emotional flow. Taken by himself he tends to be a ‘glass half-full’ kind of person. He’ll go along generally feeling more positive than others, and then he’ll have sudden spikes of excitement or he can suddenly feel really down and just want to be left alone.

There is this really romantic flow in his emotions. He responds incredibly well to music and poetry. He’ll find that he is someone who often wants to be with the people he loves, however at other times, he’ll want to be completely left alone and listen to music. 

When you have this Center on the right hand side defined like Archie, this Solar Plexus, it also means you have to wait with making decisions. He will have the opportunity to get involved with all kinds of things but will have a tendency to get into things too quickly and bump his head. Then he’ll have to go back and do it all over again! He has the tendency to be impatient, and with what I call that ‘bouncy-ball’ energy. But for him, he has to take his time and feel like whether a decision is this the right thing for him. When he gets to that inner sense of calm, that’s when he’ll have the clarity to make a decision.

Another thing you can see in Archie’s chart is this beautifully defined diamond shaped Center of the Self. As you can see he’s got quite a few activations here. It means that Archie is here to have a very specific direction in life. He is here to give others direction in life.

Archie has a lot of individual circuitry. This gives him the ability to receive and have a sense of knowing in a very deep way that he won’t be able to explain. He is here to guide other people to be a Shining Light. Archie is here to see the higher version of people and hold people to a higher standard.

And he is here to do this in an empowering and innovative way, to bring change. Which is interesting, because in general, society doesn’t really like change. And here especially, we’re talking about the British Royal Family, which has very strong traditions. So here’s someone who’s going to shake up those traditions! Archie is going to do things differently and he’s going to feel different from other people and he’s going to feel like he doesn’t really fit in. 

And as he does this, he’s going to experience a lot of projection. I look at his design and I see that there are a lot of fifth lines in his Design, including in his Profile. Other people will not be able to really see who and what he brings in. They are going to expect things of him that are really not right, that are really not the kind of person that he truly is. 

It will be very interesting for him to recognize when to go along with those roles, because there will be a lot of requests for him to become ‘the Savior’, to come to the rescue and help other people. He is going to feel responsible and want to be that person who can save the day. Because Archie has got a lot of leadership abilities in him. 

What he is again really good at is providing direction, being able to really keep track of details and he is also very creative. And how he does these things is going to be different: Archie will bring a lot of newness in an environment that is not necessarily open to that.

Now, when I look at his mind, he will come up with different ideas through meeting new people with new beliefs that are going to expand his way of being.

One last thing I want to bring up is that he has this completely open center of the Spleen. If you have your Design in front of you and you see that there’s absolutely no activation in the Spleen, it means for Archie that he has a sensitive intuition. He is psychic! I’m curious to see if he’s going to share this with others, that he has his ability to pick things up and just know things. He may say things that he knows, but that other people will be really surprised about!

It will be interesting to see this amazing young boy grow up! I just wanted to share this tiny little bit about Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. I hope you enjoyed this. I love sharing about people’s Designs! If you have any questions or comments,  please let me know. I wish you a lot of fun with your own Design so that you can be as aligned with your life as possible. We really need that in the world!

Take care!