Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for claiming your Free Human Design Chart. My name is Marije Miller and I will do my best to send you your chart as quickly as possible.

When you receive your chart, you’ll get a beautiful image of the Universe coming into form at the moment of your birth. And it’s not uncommon for people interested in self development and spirituality to be deeply curious, but feeling somewhat overwhelmed when they get started with this life blueprint.

Human Design is a synthesis of several ancient wisdom systems: Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Chakra System, connection to our DNA and Quantum Physics. There is a lot of information imbedded in your Design and it takes time to not only ‘get’ but really integrate it all. For over 15 years I have devoted myself to studying and mentoring people in living the life they love, aligned with their purpose, using their Human Design.

You may be wondering why I’m so passionate about this subject… Well, it’s because many years ago I used to struggle with this big question, this feeling of not knowing what I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. And I felt this frustration and despair of knowing there was so much that I could give, but just not clear in how or where to apply myself.

And then I discovered Human Design. But learning the information was just the beginning. It wasn’t until I really started utilizing my blueprint that things really turned around for me. Incorporating the knowledge provided the blueprint for my life. Now, I find myself working with amazing people, living in a great place, about 1 mile away from the beach, and every day I get to feel I made a difference in someone’s life. It’s amazing to experience life in the flow, comfortable in your own skin, knowing you are making the most of your natural gifts!

And this information hasn’t just helped me; many of my clients have similar Human Design stories to share, feeling a sense of validation and experiencing deeper insight in themselves and their lives, so they can live a life that they love.

I am really passionate about this work, and I’m excited to show you your Human Design, you will receive the chart really soon. With the chart is also a link to a brief video that will explain something about your specific Human Design Type. There is so much information in a chart!

Keep a look out for your chart, you should receive it soon! If you don’t receive it in 3 – 4 days, please email me directly. It is possible that it may have ended up in a spam filter and if that is the case, I’ll be able to send it to you in a different format.

Looking forward to connecting again soon!