Your Career, on Purpose – Program

How to make your work ethic work for you and create a purposeful career path you love!

Are you a woman who is struggling with a job where you no longer feel aligned with what you do each day? Are you frustrated because you feel overworked, stuck in your job, and not recognized for what it is you bring in?  If you are not making the impact you want to make in your career, then most likely you also don’t get paid enough for what you actually do. Which in turn makes it hard to leave for an uncertain future.

The only way to end this struggle is to use your own work ethic work for YOU instead of just for your boss, so that you can have more balance, create a career that you love and have more time to do and enjoy what you do best.

In this 10-week, step-by-step program you will discover:

  • The 3 scientifically validated steps to get out of overwhelm and feel more calm and ease in your work day.
  • The most common mistake even savvy professionals make that keeps them selling themselves short in their career.
  • Why knowing your own value in the workplace is crucial for being able to do what you love.
  • The #1 Secret to shifting your time that will shift your whole life for the better.  (It’s not what you think!)
  • How to use the powerful ‘Full Circle’- strategy to get the career you desire.
  • How to attract new opportunities that are right for you, and act on them!

What is included:

  • Personal technology to help you bring more balance in your work day and the rest of your life. ($159 value +shipping)
  • A personalized report highlighting your personal strengths, skills and qualities in your work environment. ($89 value)
  • One -on-one overview of your Career Success Code ($297 value)
  • Stress & Wellbeing Assessment 
  • Personal Presence Meditation
  • And much more!

Through individual & group coaching, personalized technology, and step by step templates the Career Rescue Program teaches you how to go from being frustrated and stuck in a job to taking the steps to a career that you love with the impact you want to make. A fabulous benefit is that you will meet other women just like you, who also want more balance and energy, show the world what they’re made of, and have fun in the process! 

Stop suffering with the frustration of being in a job you are no longer aligned with and instead use your work ethic for your own career! (And not just for your boss!)

To get the results now, schedule a call to determine if this program is for you. In this 30-minutes call I will help you get crystal clear about your current situation and what you want in your life and career. We will talk about what is not working and I will give you some powerful resources that have helped many of my clients. We will also take a few minutes to talk about the program, but only if I feel it is a good fit for you. You will leave this powerful call inspired and with more clarity about your next steps to take

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