Have you been feeling extra busy, these couple of weeks? If so, you are not alone! It is actually caused by this planetary alignment caused by our Nodes. The North and South Nodes are not really planets, but are points in space, where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ‘Earth’s orbit. In your Design, or Blueprint, they show where you’re coming from and where you are going in your life.

On September 5th they shifted into gates 20-34, creating the channel of being busy!

And that is what I have been hearing from clients, and noticing in my own life, too. Life has suddenly become much more busy! And it won’t let up for quite a while. This channel will be activated until the middle of April, 2022.

Additionally, we’ll have Mercury going into Retrograde early next week on the 27th, until October 18. So you might notice some additional pressure, if you’re experiencing technical difficulties or transportation mishaps, etc. This time tends to bring precious opportunity to retreat, review, revise and repair!

However, while you’ll be busy spinning many plates, it doesn’t mean you have to give yourself over to the added stress those plates might cause! Below are some quick tips to help you manage any sense of overwhelm.


  • stop whatever you’re doing, just for a moment,
  • lean back, because most likely you’ve been perched forward toward the screen, which physically takes you off your axis, making you feel more hurried,   
  • unclench your jaw, pull up your shoulders to your ears and let them drop: most likely they’ll return to a lower position than before, letting go of the tension you might have been holding.


  • Take a few deep breaths, then continue breathing slightly slower and deeper than you normally would
  • drop your awareness into your heart
  • activate a sense of calm or gratitude and let it fill your whole being
  • If you’d like to experience this, here is a brief recording of by HeartMath®’s Quick Coherence Technique®.

Dump your mind!
This is one of my favorite tools when I feel my mind going into overdrive!

Sit in your chair and bend over, put your hands on the ground. Now let your head dangle for a couple of breaths and slowly come back up. When I do this I imagine that all of that “mind stuff” simply dumps out into the ground. It leaves me feeling much more clear and ready to tackle the next thing on my list.

Would love to hear how these work for you!

Sending you so much love!