This morning I woke up to a feeling of sadness. In the past two weeks I’ve been experiencing emotional whiplash from seeing what has changed and how people are affected, to feeling gratitude that the ones I love are mostly healthy and safe at this moment.

You may recognize this, because especially those of us who are supporting others in their emotional or spiritual wellbeing do our best to stay positive, and to up-level or shift as best as we can, reframing our reality to find the meaning and purpose in what is evolving.

And there is great beauty and courage in that.

And yet, there is also great beauty and courage in allowing this feeling of sadness to visit us. Not to be immediately dealt with. Or taken a hold of, managed, shifted so as to be done with it.

Instead, to be used as an invitation, to be acknowledged and for us to love even that part of this experience we call ‘life’.

Truth is, at this moment, it all just sucks. I know this feeling will shift again soon. (I have a defined Solar Plexus, so give me an hour or so and I’ll be in a very different emotional place!)

My concern stems from the past, when I pushed myself to stay positive, to try to only focus on the ‘intended future’ (which is always better, happier and greener than the current reality).

What happened was that the disconnect became so great between that intended positivity and the real situation, that it brought about anxiety and a sense of powerless and even a feeling of failure: ’why can’t I make myself feel better’? And I’ve recognized that the pushing only creates more resistance, and resistance holds things in place.

Yesterday a client, someone who usually comes across as very grounded and with a sense of deliberate purpose about him, said “Is it weird that I’m experiencing feeling lost and this sense of powerlessness?”

It’s not weird. None of us is weird feeling any of this. The world is very different right now as we are dealing with the effects of the Coronavirus. People don’t like change. But we do feel better if we have a conscious choice about this change. It helps us shift from that powerlessness to feeling more empowered.

In light of all this ramble, I grabbed my Oracle and drew some cards. (many of you know I’m working on a card deck inspired by Human Design; I’m so excited!) Here is the ‘Big Game’-layout that I drew around the Coronavirus. The solution, “clarity and compassion”, seem like a good message to hold on to.

See below:

What the cards say about corona times

Big game layout, the Universe’s perspective on what is really going on:

1: What is the big perspective? What is the bigger game I am playing here?

Card: 12 Standstill     Do not worry, my Dear One. It may seem that your world has come to a halt. You may feel stuck, as if the whole world is moving, except you. However, this is how it is supposed to be. The Universe is supporting you with the time necessary for you to go inward. Light a candle, grab your journal… You are entering a similar process like the caterpillar when it has to go through its transformation. From the outside it may seem that nothing is happening… But wait and see. Soon, you will emerge from your cocoon like the beautiful butterfly, with an enormous jump in your personal evolution.

Affirmation: This too shall pass. I honor the rhythm of All that Is. I am open to my transformation to occur, effortlessly and joyfully, and in its own timing.

2: Where does this resistance come from?

36 Crisis Resolution Like the Fool card in the Tarot, you are standing on the edge, about to leap into the void. It may feel like a crisis: that feeling you get when you are about to jump off a cliff without a safety net to catch you… But if you find yourself here, it all but assures that you can manage whatever has come on your path. We are only presented with those opportunities for growth that we can handle, however challenging they may seem. It has been said that Fear is just Excitement without the Breath… You are lifting up humanity with what you are going through. Sharing about your learning will be of support to others. 

AffirmationEverything that happens in my life, happens to serve me. Never against me.

3: What is the attitude I could hold or action I could be taken?

51 Shock  Something came as a shock to you, or perhaps you created a shock for others. Either way, this is an opportunity to reevaluate what is happening. You are given a chance to realign yourself with your Purpose and what you are here to do. Know that you have the courage to do it. Often the times in which great changes happen are the ones that suddenly make you aware of the beauty of life and what you truly value. This may also be a time of more mystical awareness. Know that even if you feel lost, the powers of the Universe are supporting you and helping you walk your path. You are so loved!

AffirmationI am present to the spiritual and material realms guiding me on my purposeful path.

4: When I do that, what will the growth or the outcome be of this situation?

4 Mental Solutions  Something has been on your mind, lately. This card shows that a clear, logical answer is available for you. You’ll find that you suddenly understand what can be done to solve the issue at hand. Just remember that no matter how sure you are, a solution can only be a true solution once it has been put to the test. Only then is when you find out if it actually works or not! There is something as ‘right timing’ in sharing your perfect solution with others: you’ll find that a little compassion can go a long way. The resolve cards will help you recognize if this is that ‘right timing’ to share your answer, as each ‘timing’ may have its own possible solution.

Affirmation: Today, I have clarity and move with compassion through my life.