Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it feel like it’s already been weeks since the New Year started, even though it’s only the 5th of January?? Luckily, we still have some time before the Human Design new year officially starts. So if you missed setting intentions, you still have a couple of weeks, until the 22nd of January. That is when the sun enters the 41st gate, considered the start of the new cycle in Human Design.

Now, more than ever, we are all being called to live more in alignment with who we truly are. The world really needs us to step up and shine our light.

Things I use to help create intentions. Not resolutions; in my own experience and my clients’, resolutions don’t seem to last very long… However, intentions can help us focus perspective. Here are three questions that I use in my process:

  • What area(s) in your life do you want to focus on for the next number of months? (knowing that you can always give yourself permission to change them)
  • What brings you joy as you think of that intention?
  • What truly serves in the long run?

As an example, let’s use a common goal after the holidays: the intention ‘I want to lose weight’. Now, take a moment and feel how that feels… Pretty dreadful, to be honest! Now change this to the intention of ‘I want to look and feel great’. How does that make you feel? The first intention is really a strategy, it’s a means to an end. However, the second is a goal that can be attained in many ways, allowing for more joy in the process and therefore it becomes more likely to attain!

The last question, ‘What truly serves’, is a powerful question to use in the moment, day to day, to help weed out the short-term satisfaction over the longterm goal. For instance, eating a piece of cake every day can give joy in the moment, but ultimately it most likely won’t really serve the intention of looking and feeling great!

Hopefully these few steps will help you in your process to have your most expansive and joyful year yet!

What’s New?

It may have been a while since we saw or spoke with each other, so you may not know that some months ago I made a big life change. I left my position at HeartMath to expand my own coaching business, teaching women how to enjoy a more happy, healthy, conscious and energetic life. It’s been going really well and I feel very blessed to be working with such amazing clients!

If you, or any women you know, are interested in discovering what that would mean for them, I’d love to schedule a call with you. I promise to be deeply curious and help you get crystal clear about where your situation, and offer some resources that have helped many others in the past. And if I feel we would be a good fit, I’ll share about my coaching package. But only if I feel I could really help you.

Coming Up!

After doing many, many Human Design readings one question that I often hear from clients is, ‘So how do I learn more!’ With this in mind, I’ve been working on a program that does just that. It will be released soon, so stay tuned for more!