I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, laughter and love! And here we are in 2019: it is the time for planning the new year. It’s like giving ourselves a clean slate to design our life for the next 12 months!

Yet, the time to really do your visioning is actually coming up a bit later this month. 

January 22nd is the official start of the new year according to Human Design. That is when the Sun enters the 41st gate, considered the start of the new cycle that lasts the year. 

That 41st gate is the gate of Imagination. For several days the Sun will be residing in this gate, supporting you on your vision quest: what do you imagine for yourself this year? 

It is a good time to meditate and take out your journal to imagine where your heart takes you. What do you envision yourself doing and being this year, and also, where will your energy be most able to serve?

Now, more than ever, we are called to live more in alignment with who we truly are. The world really needs all of us to step up and show our light. How can we make that happen globally?

In light of that, I’m excited to announce that the 22nd is also the beginning of the upcoming 6-week Human Design Experience -Level I program

It is such a gift to share about this system, something that has been so instrumental in my life, and to see the impact that Human Design has on others.

“This amazing tool helps me see and understand my life and relationships in new ways.” – Doina

The response to the past Human Design Experience program has been phenomenal! There were over 80 people who participated in the sessions, some by recording only, and 100% of the survey responses said they enjoyed the program. Wow!

Here are some of the things people said: 

“I am starting to love myself and appreciate the efforts I have made to come to the me of today.” – Michelle

“I have changed my behaviour and my decision making. I understand more why I have been as I have and what marvelous experiences I’m calling forth now.  What can I say; I enjoyed it all!”  – Joyce

“I see myself in an entirely new way. I have been enjoying looking at other people’s HD charts and learning why we relate how we do. Human Design is by far, the most accurate system I’ve come across. I’m inspired to learn more!”  -Lucia 

The Human Design Experience – Level I program is an online, 6-week program and starts on January 22nd. Registration closes January 16th at Midnight ET. 

You can learn more about the program here

How about you? What do you envision the new year will bring for you? Please email me, I’d love to hear from you and hold your visions in my heart!