It is the end of the year: a great time to look back at all that has transpired. What an interesting year it has been! For me, this was a year of ‘un-structuring’ and learning to follow my flow, which ultimately resulted in some amazing experiences. 

I have always had strict routines: each morning I wrote my journal, meditate, do my workout; all before starting my official workday. Yet, this past year Spirit has requested me to be less identified with my regular practice as a ‘spiritual badge of honor’ and to realize that my true connection to the Universe is available to be expressed in each moment… Something I knew, but I now get to live. Now, I write my journal only a few times a week and my meditation may take the form of a walk along the ocean… How lovely is that!

And this realization has blossomed my friendships and also my business, which expanded from individual coaching and private Human Design sessions to delivering programs. (Yes!!)

It was absolutely wonderful to deliver the first Human Design Experience ProgramThe feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive! 100% of the people who took the survey said they learned new things about themselves. But it was comments like this one, that really opened my heart with the deepest gratitude

“While the information is complex and I don’t pretend to grasp most of it, I do know that I am already feeling so much more comfort & ease being Me. No more need to try to control or pretend to fit in anywhere. Ran into my nemesis the other day and experienced delightful conversation. I’m recommending this to my friends!”  —Marilyn

So at the end of this year I want to Thank you! for being a part of this wonderful journey called ‘Life’. Your being here has made my day and my year!

Stay tuned for information about my interview with the amazing Molly Mandelberg in an upcoming podcast!

Click here to learn more about the next Human Design Experience Program –Level Istarting January 22nd
Click here to learn more about the Human Design Experience Program – Level IIstarting January 19th!

Wishing you a merry Christmas and wonderful 2019, filled with love, laughter, abundance and joy!
Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Much love,