Take a moment and

… stop …

with what you are doing.

Put your hands in your lap,

sit up straight and

take a breath…

I mean a real one.

One that is slow and deep.

One that cleanses you as you inhale, taking the oxygen deeply into your body.

Notice how your whole body responds as you do this.

Feel the cells of your body vibrating with energy, celebrating life as you slowly exhale and inhale again.

Feel your shoulders gently return to their original position, relaxing from having been tightly pulled up too high.

They feel so much better now that the tension is slowly released.

Repeat this deep breath three more times and just bring your awareness to how you are feeling now. Did anything shift? Are you feeling more calm? More present?

We are invited by the planets to continue our transformation. After the brief respite we experienced last month, this November you may have been experiencing extra tension and pressure. There is an inner push – pull going on that can leave you frazzled. (If so: breathe…)

You probably know that we currently are in Mercury Retrograde and you probably are aware of what that means, so I won’t share too much about it. Except that this would be the pull that invites us to go inward.

However, there is also a push from Saturn and Pluto, both bringing the discipline and potential transformation to truly express our life aligned with our Purpose. And that tension can be uncomfortable.

A few days ago I took some time for a lovely cleansing walk along the ocean, to smell the fresh air and listen to the crashing of the waves down below.

I made my way to what I secretly call the ‘Peace Tree’. Someone, or maybe several someones, takes it upon themselves to write the word “Peace” on small rocks and then hide the rocks in the bark of this particular tree.

If you know where to look, it is always wonderful to discover them, like little treasures. Occasionally, you’ll find rocks with images painted on them, or words like Love or Hope or Energy… The last number of months it has mostly been the word “Peace”.

This time, however, I also found luck in the form of a gold colored coin with a four leaf clover and a good luck message on its back. It had been stuck in the tree: such a wonderful surprise! Instantly I felt deeply grateful for the generous, playful spirit who orchestrated hiding it.

And I realized that while I was still busy, I didn’t actually have to feel busy. In that one moment, I shifted out of what my mind was working on, to become really present. 

So I invite you to the same: by recognizing that the current pressure is simply the planets’ way to support our path, we can appreciate how we experience our lives, moment by moment. And life becomes really beautiful then. Breathing helps: breathe deeply and breathe often!

And if you’re looking for some luck, I know a tree that is offering some. (If you’re lucky the coin is still there!)

(here is a picture of the lucky coin to share some with you)