I just returned from a wonderful vacation to Europe with my husband and youngest daughter! It was amazing, traveling all over England and The Netherlands. Now I’m thrilled to be back at work again, having a chance to connect with you!

You may know, that for the last 17 years, I have studied and coached people in the areas of stress management and life purpose, most often in terms of their career.

To me, your work should be something that nourishes you. Something that gives you inspiration and fulfillment mixed with peace of mind, a sense of building a futureand the joy of making an impact in the world. 
However, in my work, people often come to me because they no longer feel aligned with what they do each day and are frustrated, because they feel overworkedstuck and/or not recognized for what they bring in. 

Now, if you are like most women, you typically spend 40-60 hours per week at your work. That is about 70% of your time! And when you are not aligned with what you do, that is a lot of time and energy you are not fully appreciated for.

If you are not making the impact you want to make in your career, then most likely you also don’t get paid enough for what you actually do. Which in turn makes it hard to leave for an uncertain future, because you may not have the resources built up to sustain you while you are looking for something new. 

The only way to end this struggle is to use your own work ethic work for YOU instead of just for your boss, so that you can have more balance, create a purposeful career that you love and have more time to do what you do best. 

My Big Announcement: That is why I have spent many hours over the past months to make the Your Career, on Purpose! – Program* even better! 

And it starts on Thursday, September 20th at 10am PT. In this new and improved, step-by-step Program, you will discover:

  • The 3 scientifically validated steps to get out of overwhelm and feel more calm and ease in your work day.
  • The most common mistake even savvy professionals make that keeps them selling themselves short in their career.
  • Why knowing your own value in the workplace is crucial for being able to do what you love.
  • The #1 Secret to shifting your time that will shift your whole life for the better. (It’s not what you think!)
  • How to use the powerful ‘I Am’ strategy to get the career you desire.
  • How to attract new opportunities that are right for you, and act on them!

Through individual & group coaching, personalized technology, and step by step templates the Your Career, on Purpose! – Program teaches you how to go from being frustrated and stuck in a job to having a career that you love, making the impact you want to make. More job satisfaction makes a happier you and therefor a happier home (and ultimately a happier world)! 

What if your career could feel like that? What if you had more job satisfaction and probably a higher salary to boot? When you are in sync with what you do, aligned with your purpose, there is less inner conflict. And because it is more natural to be you, you get to show your best characteristics and that will be rewarded. 

Stop suffering with the frustration of being in a job you are no longer aligned with and instead use your work ethic for your own purposeful career! Join me, the program starts on September 20th at 10am PT.

To learn more, schedule a call or visit www.connectingnewdots.com/your-career-on-purpose-program/  

Here to support you!