This was going to be a very different email, but in light of what happened yesterday I felt I had to at least acknowledge it. And with that, also share a miracle that can be construed as a sign of hope in the midst of all this craziness! 

Spirit and I have a really cool relationship. The day before all the melee started, I asked for a big miracle to surprise and delight me: something fun that would make my day. That night I was treated to this experience: both my cats on the couch with me, so close they are almost touching! 

Why this would be so special, you ask? Because Monkey, my black cat, does not like to be anywhere close to Lily, my black and white cat. Lily would love to play with Monkey, were it not for the fact that he hisses at her and runs in the other direction whenever possible. 

To me, having them share the same space so close together, is a miracle! And one that, in light of what happened in the US capital yesterday, actually gives me a sense of hope. However divided we seem, maybe we can find ways that we can be together that is nurturing for all involved. 

If this story doesn’t do anything for you, that’s okay. In that case, it’s scientifically proven that images and videos of cats or dogs help reduce stress, so hopefully Lily and Monkey’s slumber may bring you a sense of peace and ease!

As we’re noticing, Pluto’s energy will continue to be strong and deliver transformation for all of us, this year. 

Now that we are in 2021, what are you planning for yourself? Are you sort of wondering about what you really want in life? You might even feel a pressure that you’re supposed to be busy with your “Purpose” but may not be sure what or how to go about it?

If you are experiencing any of these questions right now, you’re right on track with the current planetary energies! While many people are setting intentions, resolutions or goals, it’s actually not quite time to do that, yet! 

According to Human Design you have until January 21st to use the planetary and I Ching archetypical energies to shed 2020. So take this time to process, vision and then get ready for new energies to move (with) you in a couple of weeks.

In order to support you, I am opening up space for a few people in an exclusive group coaching setting to help you break through old patterns and align with your knowing, so you feel more free, and explore your “next” in life, trusting your inner guidance, using the support of the group and of course, your own Human Design.

If you are interested, you’ll join a small, safe group that meets twice a month, on Mondays at 5pm PT, starting with an introduction call on Monday the 26th.

Please contact me directly for more information and to register. 

Much love,