There is a lot of energetic turbulence going on right now.

If you are any sort of sensitive, you’ll most likely have been feeling lots of emotions the past number of days. Like many people, I, too, have experienced feelings of grief, sadness, and frustration with a society that changes only ever so slowly.

In addition to dealing with an epidemic, which already affects us in our way of being, America is on fire. People are taking to the streets and there are a lot of emotions swirling, ranging from grief and sadness, to anger and frustration, but also of solidarity and a call for equity.

Black Lives Matter. It is my obligation and my privilege to make this statement as a white woman.

I believe in equity and inclusion. (On an earlier call I used the word ‘”equality” instead of “equity”, but I learned how that still keeps the underlying structures in place.) If I say or do something inadvertently that is insensitive or hurtful: please, know that I don’t mean harm, but I may be operating out of my own privileged upbringing that I am unaware of. Please teach me how to treat you better; I am willing to learn and I am here to be your ally.

My belief is that each of us is here to add our specific frequency to the world, and help transform this planet into one that is inclusive of everyone, where all beings are respected and cared for equally.

Each of us is born with a Human Design, however, there is not one Design better than another.

There is no color, except for the green, brown, red and yellow of the centers, and no one knows what those colors mean, anyway.

Some of us have a Human Design that may be particularly sensitive to our surroundings. But especially because you are sensitive, you are in the perfect position to help transform these feelings in a way that creates healing for the world. For that to happen, presence is required.

So, how do you stay present to the energetic turbulence that is swirling around right now?

I believe that the heart is stronger and bigger than we give it credit for. It can hold all of the current energies, not just our own, but others’ feelings of uncertainty, frustration, anger, grief, and still stay open in love.

Use techniques such as HeartMath’s Quick Coherence Technique to help bring balance in your body, so you can be present and align with your Design and what is true for you. There are many others that I use in my work with clients; I especially recommend any tool or meditation that balances your nervous system. That creates space for insights and solutions to come up.

Love is the strongest force. Surrender, open the heart, and let compassion and care lead your way. <3