Thank the Universe for autocorrect… Yes, it’s Mercury Retrograde, which means that all things connected with communication can go awry, including technology. In my case, in this moment my keyboard is malfunctioning and for some reason the letter ‘i’ doesn’t work consistently!

I know it sounds silly to write about this Mercury induced issue, but it I wanted to check in with you about the interesting times we live in, especially these last few months. Apparently there are several planets in retrograde in addition to Mercury: Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Mars all give us their own flavor. Here is a brief article I found about how they create (= support) our chaos. 

It has brought up challenges for me (I’ve noticed with clients as well) and because Chiron is involved, we have an opportunity to resolve old hurts and patterns, some of which may stem from childhood.

So what is this all about? Do these planets have it out for us?

On the contrary, we are called to live our purpose! 

We are in a global time of ‘adulting’ (which is a term I learned from one of my millennial clients.) It means “growing up” and being responsible for ourselves and our actions. In this case, the Universe is calling us forward to step up and stand up, to fully express our purpose and step into what we are here to do. And in order to deeply, fully do so, it can mean we have some inner cleaning up to do. Challenges may come up for us to deal with. You may feel more emotional (anxious, weepy even). Physically you may experience illness or feeling a bit rundown.

Or perhaps you have noticed a slowing down in your activities? The things you were planning to do may require more time and need revision. For me, I’ve been wanting to release my Human Design program, but for some reason the timing is not right. Not right now, at least. If I’m walking my talk, I need to follow my own Design and my gut response says, “No, wait a bit longer.” Well, this ‘bit longer’ has been going on for a few months now and I’m noticing the impatience. And, I’m sitting with it, because my trust in the larger plan is bigger.

So if you’ve noticed any of these ‘symptoms’, don’t despair. Use them for the potential growth they offer and know that relief is on the way as these planetary bodies turn direct in the next few months!

Here are a few questions for you to ponder as you are going through your day:

What activity/ project has been taking longer than expected lately? What do you feel around that? Can you just be with these emotions and sense the higher wisdom behind them?

How are you expressing your Purpose? How do you feel when you are doing those things that  express your Purpose?

How can you express your Purpose even more in the day to day?

Sending you lots of care and hope to see you at one of my upcoming events!

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